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    • Mima Zigi
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      Mima zigi Review

      Date added: 25th May 2018
      4.5 stars
      Easy to fold, small when folded, stylish looks
      Expensive, no option to parent face unless using a car seat

      The Mima zigi is hitting high streets near you this spring! As we'd expect from always style-savvy brand Mima, it's an ultra-sleek and impressively engineered city stroller, but how did it perform in action?

    • Joolz Hub
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      Joolz Hub Review

      Date added: 25th May 2018
      4.5 stars
      Easy and compact fold, stylish design, quality finish, great hood coverage, sustainably produced
      Seat is on the narrow side

      Say hello to the Joolz Hub, designed to make the most of urban living. Joolz is a fast-growing Dutch company from Amsterdam with the ethos that happy parents raise happy children (hear, hear, we say!). So we're expecting the brand-new Hub to tick all the boxes for mums and dads, as well as their little ones. Does it? Find out in our review...  

    • ABC Design Zoom 2018
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      ABC Design Zoom 2018 Review

      Date added: 24th May 2018
      4.5 stars
      Very versatile seating options, great sized basket, lovely fabrics, tall seat units, great extendable hoods
      Heavy to steer when fully laden, longer chassis needs more careful driving

      In Germany, ABC Design is a highly regarded household name when it comes to baby products, and its pushchairs and car seats have been seen here in the UK for some time now. Its tandem Zoom pushchair - famed for its face-to-face seating option - has recently had a makeover, so we have put it through the Pushchair Expert test.

    • Mothercare Ride
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      Mothercare Ride Review

      Date added: 15th May 2018
      3.5 stars
      Small fold, light
      Short seat back, small hood, fiddly recline

      The Ride is Mothercare's compact folding pushchair, designed for parents who love to explore, so let's see what we thought.  

    • Cybex Balios S
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      Cybex Balios S Review

      Date added: 18th April 2018
      4.5 stars
      Compact fold, light steering, deep basket, super sized hood, minimalist looks
      Seat exposed for a newborn

      Cybex is the brand to be seen with at the moment. Best known for the luxurious Priam in its Platinum pushchair collection, and its collaborations with fashion designers, the Balios S is a new addition to the company's Gold range. We found it just as functional, just as stylish, yet without the high price tag. 

    • Mothercare Roll
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      Mothercare Roll Review

      Date added: 17th April 2018
      4 stars
      Easy to use, great recline, tall comfortable seat, easy fold, handy brake, excellent price
      Little suspension, fixed handle height, difficult to access basket

      Mothercare has a string of own-brand pushchairs and strollers and the Roll very much ticks the box of traditional functional umbrella stroller. Here's what we made of it...